Andrew Leppala

IS Support Tech I

Fridley, MN

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Andrew Leppala

22 Years Old

Fridley, Minnesota

IS Support Tech I at HOM Furniture

I spend my free time coding small personal projects that I hope to grow and show to the public once they're complete. I enjoy singing and playing ukulele, playing and developing video games and creating small websites. I plan to start a company and develop video games as a career in the future, continuing the game that I've been making in my free time over the years.

I'm not currently on any large projects, but I'm honing my skills and learning Python and HTML, as well as diving into the world of Linux and cluster computing.

I'm always interested in new opportunities to learn new skills or talk to new people. Send me an email if you have a business inquiry, have a question about something I'm making, or would like some input on one of your own projects.


Cub Foods


At Cub Foods, I retrieved shopping carts from the parking lot and performed maintenance in the store for the customers. After a year, I moved inside to the Deli where I was trained on in sterile food processing, hot food equipment operation and cleaning and customer interaction.

Power Engineers/Pearce Services

Engineering Assistant

At Power Engineers, later bought out by Pearce Services, I was contracted to CenturyLink to assist tracking their 2017 Vectoring Project, keeping contractors on track on a large scale infrastructure upgrade project. I used Microsoft Office 365 suite tools and various proprietary CenturyLink software tools to keep track and manage these upgrades. I am now project managing for CenturyLink's regularly scheduled augment upgrades, ensuring budgets are met, state permits are in order and keeping engineers, construction crews and management informed on each project's status.

HOM Furniture

IS Support Tech I

At HOM Furniture, I provide first level contact for IS support requests from our employees who are requiring assistance with our technology. This includes workstations, mobile phones, AS/400 accounts and setup, Active Directory administration, and other tasks that would be viewed as junior systems administration.


Forest Lake High School

Graduated June 2015

7th/8th Grade Extracurricular: FIRST robotics team - award for unique design.

Anoka Technical College

Sept 2016 - May 2017

Surgical Technology/Game Design



June 2015 - March 2018

TheCrucibleMC was my first large team-based project. It was a large Minecraft server, in which I organized around a dozen volunteer team members to build a 3D world, program enemies with custom AI and mechanics outside the normal Minecraft realms, create a custom website through Ubuntu and Apache2, and more. I was in charge of the entire project, managing the in-game admins to moderate the users, personally created and updated the website and in-game store, and managed and grew a community of players.

I received a Community Focus interview from Chris Shannon at Bungie, Inc in June 2016 for the project, as well as numerous articles on DestinyDB, Kotaku, Gamerant, and Guinness World Records 2018 Gamer's Edition.


Skills to Learn in the Future


Computers and Coding


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